Secure payment

The customer's purchases shall be paid for by credit or debit card. Cards from the 'CB' network, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard or American Express are accepted. Cards issued by banks registered outside France must be international credit or debit cards. The customer agrees to make the payment using a credit/debit card of which they are personally the holder, bearing an indication of their identity (surname and first name).

The customer shall provide their credit/debit card number and/or bank details to the Customer Relations Department by telephone. For online payment via the Website: the customer shall access a secured server using SSL (128 bit) mode, certified by a Certificate Authority. The customer must provide their credit/debit card number and/or bank details by filling out the payment form online.

The transaction shall then be carried out by the customer in accordance with banking security standards. Whether by telephone or on the Website, when communicating their credit/debit card number and/or bank details, the customer agrees in advance and unconditionally that the Company will carry out the secure transaction. The customer therefore authorises their bank in advance to debit their account based on the records or statements provided by the Company, even in the absence of any invoices signed by the card holder. The debit authorisation for the customer's account shall always be provided for the cost of the item(s) purchased.

The customer's credit/debit card shall then be debited once it has been verified that their order has been fulfilled in accordance with these general terms and conditions of sale and that the item(s) are available, and upon the Company's dispatch of the item(s). If for any reason (blocking, issuing centre refusal etc.), the debiting of the amounts owed by the customer turns out to be impossible, the order shall not be taken by the Company and/or will be cancelled.